dimecres, 27 d’abril de 2011

Robin Hood

a. Did Robin Hood really exist? Robin Hood is one of the world's favourite legends.There are parts that are true but most doesn't.

b. What was he famous for? Because he was rich and the poor helped me all he could.

c. Where was he from? Robin and his men lived in Sherwood Forest near the town of Nottingham.

d. Can you write a few lines about the story?

-His real name was Robert.
-Robin Hood was born near the end of the 12th century.
-Robin is opposed as always by Sir Guy of Gisborne and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
-Is very skillful with the bow and arrows.

dimecres, 6 d’abril de 2011

Zapping: Idiot of the month

A man blew up his bathroom and severely burned himself after trying to kill a spider that had scared his wife. Chris Welding, a computer engineer from Essex,England, sprayed the spider with aerosol deodorant as it wen behind the toilet. As there was no light in the bathroom, he then took out a cigarette lighter ti see if the spider was dead. The flame ignited the aerosol gas, causing giant explosion. The spider was never found =)

Help when there's a problem

Albert: SOlà, what's happened?¿ Are you OOK?

No, I've break my finger

Albert:How did that happen?

Solà. It was an accident. I fell while I was playing tennis.

Do you need help?

Solà: No, I think it'll be OK.

Albert: Mmmmm. Maybe you need to see a doctor.

: Ok......