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Tom swayer

1. What do you know about
Mark Twain?

He was born in Florida, Missouri.
Twain was the sixth of seven children.
He was humorist and writer.
Twain died on 22 April in 1910.
The principals works are Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Swayer.
He married Olivia, in 1870 on New York.
He's first son died
of diphtheria at 19 months.
Then he was three children, Susy,Clara and Jean.

2. Write a summary of each chapter. Add images/videos...

The sheriff found Muff Potter's knife near the body of the doctor. He put Muff in St. Perersburg small jail. Tom and Huck saw Injun Joe kill the doctor, Muff didn't kill him. One day on the summer Tom, Joe and Huck went to sit by the mississippi River. They fished, talked and looked at the boats. Then, they wanted to go to Jackson's Island. At midnight the three boys met on the river. When they arrived on the island they made a fire and cooked some meat.

The next morning they went swimming in the river. Then they went fishing and cooked the fish on the fire and ate it. the people of St. Petersburg went to church because they thought they had killed the children. When they were do in the mass the boys appeared and everyone was happy.

3. Write a description of the main characters.

4. SPEAKING:Podcasting
Option A : Reading the summaries.

Option B: Find your favourite scene and podcast it in pairs.
5. Write your group summary in Tom Sawyer's wiki. Yes.

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She breaks down with the children and remembers what happened just before the arrival of their new servants. Yearning for the company of her missing husband and increasingly frustrated by her children, she went insane, smothered them both with a pillow and then, realizing what she had done, shot herself. When she awoke, she assumed that God had granted her family a miracle. Grace and the children realize that Charles is also dead, but he was not aware of this fact. Mrs. Mills appears and informs Grace that they will learn to get along, and sometimes they won't even notice the living people who inhabit their house. From the window, Grace and her children look outside as Victor's family moves out.

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Talk about experiences in the past

Albert Q-Hey, Andreu. How was your weekend?

Good, thanks.

Albert R-
What did you do?

Oh, I just went to the funfair on Saturday in Girona.What about you?

Albert R
-I played football on Sunday in Santa Coloma de Farners. It was bad.When did you last play football?

Albert Q-
I don't know, maybe two weeks ago.

Albert R-
How was it?

Very good. Let's play next weekend.

Albert R-
Ok, great. See you then.

Bye, Albert's. See you leater.

Albert Q

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Make compromises

Dad: Albert and Andreu can you do your homeworks please?

Andreu:Yes, in a two minutes. We're busy at the moment.

Dad: Come on, Albert and Andreu. What are you doing?

Albert: We're watching a film. It's really nice and interesting.

Dad:Andreu and Albert! You need to make your dinner now!

Andreu: Please,dad! Is it OK if we do it later?

Dad: I suppose so, but don't forget to do it!

Andreu and Albert: OK!OK!

Write an internet profile

About me:
Hi, Im Albert and I'm from Banyoles in Catalonia. Im independent but funny, nervous and intelligent. I have got brown eyes and brown hair.

Likes and dislikes:

I love listening to music and dance tectonick. Also I like playing basketball and skating. I love FCB and Catalonia, but I also like the city of New York. I like the sentence "Catalonia is not Spain". I don't like classical music and homework.

My time and money:
I spend a lot of time on the internet and taking with my friends. I spend my money on sweets and magazines.


I really want to meet girls 12-14 years old. NO PPL OVER 14! I don't mind your nationally, but I want to practise my English and I'm interested in learning Japanese

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Ask for and give opinions.

Albert Q-Hey, Roca, look at this.
Albert Q- This mobile phone. What do you think of it?
Roca-Not much, why?
Albert Q-Do you like it? I think it's really nice.
Roca- Well, It's OK, I suppose. But what about this jumper? It's good.
Albert Q- Yes, I like it, but I can't stand that colour.
Roca- How about going to another shop?
Albert Q- OK

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) is not an ordinary man. He ages* backwards*! When he was born he was already and old man and every birthday he gets younger. Life is not easy for Benjamin. When he falls* in love with Daisy (Cate Blanchett) he realises that he can not stop time...


Meggie and her father Mo (Brendan Fraser) love books. But Mo has a secret. When he reads a book out* loud he can bring* the characters* to life. When When Mo reads the book Inkheart, some of the evil* characters escape. Can Meggie and Mo put them back in the book before it is too late.

Bride Wars

Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have been best friends since* they were kids. Ehen two of them fet engaged*, they decide to plan their weddings*together.Everything is perfect until they find out their weddings are on the same day! Liv and Emma declare war* because they! don't want to give* up their dream*wedding. Who will win the war?

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Justin Bieber

Although* he is only just 16, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber is already a well known idol. In the USA alone, for example, his first album "Worlds" sold one million copies in the first week after it was released. Now his album has just arrived here so we can enjoy his mix of pop and R&B, with great songs such*as "Baby" "One Time" y "One Less Lonely Girl".

Popeye in the cinema

The Sony Pictures Animation Studio has already* started work on a project to take "Popeye The sailor" to the big screen. He is one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time and has featured* in comics and Tv series.
There is no date* yet* for the release of the film but what is that it will be in 3D. A cinema production of Popeye was made in 1980 with Robin Williams as the popular "King of spinach".

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My summer holidays

Hello, my name is Albert Quintanas and 12 years old.
Today,I'm talking about my summer holidays.

-First I'm talking about to Campus Darryl Middleton.
-Second I'm talking about to Sant Antoni de Calonge.
-Finally I'm talking about to summer holidays.

On Campus Darryl Middleton stayed 7 days and every day I played basketball. This campus started at 9 o'clock and finished at 5 o'clock.

After I went to Sant Antoni de Calonge with my family. In Calonge I played with my family and subathed too.

And finally I went to my home and did my summer homework and I prepared of school.

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Time for self-evaluation

1. DID YOU WORK HARD? Yes, I did.


3. WHAT WAS MORE DIFFICULT FOR YOU? Dialogues are more difficult.

4. WHAT DID YOU LEARN?( new grammar, vocab..) I did the new grammar and vocabulary

5. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO IMPROVE? I better organize.

I like writing and magazine. I don't like dialogues. I like DVD's and I very like Oral Presentation.

In conclusion the blogs are fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Talking about the past

Arnau: How was your weekend?
Albert: Fantastic!!
Arnau: What did you do?
Albert:I went to the "Parc de la Draga" on Sunday afternoon.
Arnau:Did you see me friends?
Albert:No, I didn't.
Arnau:What was it like?
Albert:It was fantastic

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A magazine interview

On Monday I was at a fashion show in The United States and I spoke to Albert Quintanas. Albert is a famous designer. He is very happy and noisy at the moment because he's doing new clothes.

Albert had a good year last year because his designs became popular in the world and he was in a lot of magazines.

In July he's going to visit Banyoles for a holiday. After than he is going to prepare a new show in Berlin.

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Hi Àlex, today corrected the pages 77 and 78 79 and 80 and also made the pages 16 17 18 19 20,

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A book or film review.

I read a book "Quin Estiu". It was an adventure story about one boy and his friend. In the story the children say some people dressed in black who did something rare in "Les Estunes" and were investigated to know what they did. I liked the book because it was exciting and the characters were interesting.

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Alive 1 UNIT 1 AND 2

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Shopping clothes

AlbertQ: Hey Arnau. Look at this shoes.
Arnau: It's cool!
AlbertQ: Can you try it on!
Arnau: Yes, it's a fantastic idea.
AlbertQ: What do you think Arnau?
Arnau: I'm not sure. It's expensive
AlbertQ: Why don't we look in anothers shop?
Arnau: No. It's not expensive.

Agreeing and disagreeing

AlbertQ: What do you think of the new Alice in the Wonderland film?
Arnau: I like it. It's better than the last one.
AlbertQ: I disagree. I prefer the last one. It was traditional film of Alice.
Arnau: Yes, i suppose you're right. It was more traditional, but I like this one too.
AlbertQ: My favorite is the second Alice in the wonderland.
Arnau: I agree with you. That my favorite too.


-Chiken empanada ........................................................... 7 pounds
- Beef .................................................................................. 5 pounds
- Mushrooms ..................................................................... 7 pounds
- Coscu ................................................................................ 5 pounds
- Curry ................................................................................ 4 pounds
- Chips.................................................................................. 1 pound


- Tropical juice ................................................................... 3 pounds

- Mineral water ................................................................. 1 pounds
- Coffe .................................................................................. 2 pounds


-Ice-cream .......................................................................... 2 pounds

-Fruit ................................................................................... 1.50 pounds

Arnau- Hi! Can I help you?

Albert.Q- Yes. Can I have a chiken empanada and chips, please?

Arnau- Anything else?

Albert.Q- Yes. Can I have a curry, please?

Arnau- OK. Anything to drink?

Albert.Q- Yes, a tropical juice and a mineral water, please.

Arnau- That's 17 pounds, please.

Albert.Q- Here you are.

Arnau- Thanks.

Albert.Q- Bye, bye.

Arnau- Bye, bye.

Albert- It's Alex birthday next day. Let's buy her a present
Adam- Ok. Shall we give her a football ball
Albert- I'm not sure. She doesn't like play football
Adam- Well, why don't we get her a Bikembergs
Albert- Great idea, she love shoes
Adam- Ok. Let's buy her BIkembergs shoes this shop

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Do you know the British singer Will Young??? He was Britain's first Pop*Idol in 2002. His fourth album, Leit It Go, is a collection of personal songs. "I concentrated on the Iyrics* melodies and voices*," Will Says.


AC/DC The heavy metal band AC/DC have a new album called Black Ice. It's their first album in eight years! The band was started in 1973 and is famous for hits like Highway to Hell, Their name is the abbrevation for the electrical term "Alternanting* Current/ Direct*Current?

Lebron James

Lebron James is a Cavaliers basketball player. he was born on 30/December/1994/Ohio(USA). He studied at St. Vicent-St. Mary High School.
When James was 14 he was basketball player prodigy and won a lot of medals and cups with the Irish. In 2003 James started playing Cavaliers.
Lebron does not live always in the same place because where he plays with the Cavaliers he travels from city to city. He likes playing basketball and practicing a lot.

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Britney Spears is black. Her new album Circus came out on her birthday. It's sure to be a success after she won* three Grammy Awards for the single"Piece of Me". Britney says Circus has "a fresh" new energy" and that it is her "best work".Britney is very talented, and she's modest too!k".Britney is very talented, and she's modest too!k".Britney is very talented, and she's modest too!

Love me, love my dog

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been dating* fir over a year. But they have a problem: their dogs are not friends. Reese's bulldog, Frank Sinatra ans Jake's German* Shepherd, Atticus, will not stop fighting*. The actors have asked a dog trainer*to teach the dogs to live together.....in peace*!!

Pirates of the Caribbean4

Our favourite pirate us coming back!Johnny Depp will play Capitan Jack Sparrow in a fourht Pirates of Caribbean film. Keira Knightley, who played Elizabeth Swann, will probably not be in the fourth film."Those films were just extraordinary. But you will have to wait to see the film. It is planned for 2011.

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It's Spiderman

Spiderman has a new job. These window*cleaners in China work at the Shanghai HIlton Hotel. The hotels wants them to dress like Spiderman to amuse the guests*. Now the window cleaners are famous abd guests take photos of them.

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2nd term refflection.

-What's the best activity for you to learn English?The writings.

-What did you find more difficult? Why?
The oral presentation because it's difficult the pronunciation and the dialogues it's difficult bescause it is one of the first times that I do.

-What's your favourite
Writings because it's very funny.

-What's best blog in class in your opinion
My blog but I don't upload too many pictures.

-Write down your objectives for 3rd term
Try to improve writing, dialogues and oral presentation.

-Choose 1 activity in your portfolio that really helped you to improve
The writings and dialogues.

-Write 5 comments in your classmates blogs. Be positive!

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Banyoles is a village in the north of catalunya. It's a vig village, but it's beautiful and it's got some historical monuments too.

Banyoles has got a lots of cafés and restaurants and there are lots of shops:"Comalat Home"and"Podium" are good shops for clothes and sports. My favourite place is the lake.

The cast is near Banyoles and there are some interesting towns and castles near too.
There isn't a train station, but there is a station.

An email about a holiday

Hi Alex,

I'm on holiday here in Brazil with my family.It's very hot and sunny here, so every day I swim in the sea and sunbathing..

In this moment I'm paying "waterpolo" in the pool with my brother. We really like it, so we com here every day. In the evenings we go to beach and swim.

Tomorrow I'm going to beach and diving in the sea surf with my brother and father. I hope you're having a good time.

See you soon,


A letter from a desert island:

My name is Albert Quintanas and I'm writing this from an island near Figi.My dad,my mum and my brother are her too.We are lost and we can't scape.

Life is very boring after eleven days on this island. We haven't got any CD's, games etc. Every day I swimming in the sea.

We can't survive here. It's very cold and stormy. There isn't much food.We sometimes eat chimpanzees and koalas. We eat insects too and worms, but they horrible

Please Look for us!!!!


Albert- Can I go to the Aquatic Park?

Pau- Really, how is it?

Albert- The ticket cost 15 pounds.

Pau- What day is it?

Albert-On Sunday24th of May?

Pau- It's OK.
It's great idea!!!

Albert- Thanks!!,Bye bye

Pau-Bye Bye

Asking for and giving directions

Quintanas and Arnau- Excuse me, is the Big Ben near here?

Albert-Yes, it's near underground exit

Quintanas and Arnau-How, do we get there?

Albert-Turn right,left and go straight on.

Quintanas and Arnau-Great, thanks

Albert-Your welcome,byebye


My good friend name is Nil. He's a twelve years old and he lives in Banyoles.
Nil is a good friend. I like him because he's very noisy.We sometimes disagree. He like playing handball, but I hate it.
I often go to Nil's house. We always play computer games. I like going to Plaça Major with him. We sometimes play basketball in his house.

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Giving opinions

Pau- Do you think the concert clubs are good idea?

Albert- No, I don't

Pau- Why?

Albert-Because, it's boring

Pau- No, it's great

Albert- What about you? Do you think they're a good idea?

Pau-It's a great idea.

Albert-I like groups lluite free

Pau-I would also like

dimecres, 3 de febrer de 2010

talking about future plans

Albert- Hi Albert! What are you doing on Monday afternoon? Are you free?

Arnau- No sorry, I'm not . I'm busy.

Albert- What are you doing?

Arnau- I'm going to the basketball with Adam. Do you want to come with us?

Albert- Yes, thanks. We have a good.

Arnau- OK. we are at 7h to park.

Albert- OK thanks, see you later.

Arnau. :P

Dialogue: Menu of a restaurant!

Albert: Hi, can I help you?

Adam:Yes.Can I have chikenempanada and couscous, please?

Albert: Anything else?

Adam:Yes.Can I have curry, please?

Albert:OK. Anything to drink?

Adam:Yes, a tropical juice and a mineral water.

Albert: That's 15 pounds,please.

Adam:Here are you.


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In my super-school there are three classes every day. Classes start at 10 o'clock and they finish at one o'clock.
Today we've got IT and History in te morning and basketball in the afternoon. PE is my favourite subject because Lebron James is the teacher.
I like the school because the teachers are nice and noisy. There are lots of machines in the classrooms. In the school there is fantastic food

My teacher!

An email

Hi Alex,
My name's Albert and I'm eleven years old. I'm from Banyoles in Catalunya.
I'm a Barça fan. It's a great team. My other interests are basketball, computer games, Playstation 3, Psp, rollerblading and music. My favourite group is Linkin Park, Simpleplan ,Green Day and Manian
What is you favourite colour? Where are you from? PLease write soon. Send a photo with your email

ALbert Quintanas


Bella and her mother live in Phoenix, but there lives with herfather for time in Forks.
Bella meats Edward. Edward is interested in Bella, and he protects her.
Edward is a vampire, but Bella does not know. Edward saves Bella from a car and Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire. The family of Edward invites Bella to play baseball. While playing baseball. Edward and his family save Bella an kill the vampire(James)

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Tokio Hotel are German. Their music is a mix of pop rock and electropop, but you don't have to understand German to listen to it.In 2009 the group released two versions of their new album: one in German and one in English! Singer Bill Kaulitz wanted the album to have the same title* all over the worlds. It's called Humanoid. It is pronounced differently in English and German, but is written* the same in the two languages.


Jake Sully is a US Marine who was paralyzed in action. He goes on mission to a moon called Pandora where blue creatures called the Navi live. Humans can't breathe on Pandora,but their Avatars cam.With his Avatar, Jake can walk again. On Pandora, Jake falls in love with a Navi called Neytiri. He has to make a difficult choice: his love for Neytiri or his loyalty to his country.