dimecres, 30 de març de 2011


Break dance history: Breakdancing started in the Bronx, New York, in the 1970s. DJs played hip-hop music in the streets. When there was a pause or "break" in the music, dancers invented new moves. A new style of dance was born!

Girl dancers:
Most breakdancers are boys or "b-boys". Girls who breakdance are called "b-girls".

Many breakdancers do grafitti to express themselves. It is illegal, but some people consider it as art!

Famous breakdancers: Today,many singers breakdance in their music videos. Justin Timberlake and Madonna breakdanced on cars in their video to 4 minutes To Save The World!

This is a difficult move. The breakdancer supports his body on this arms and elbows and turns in circles.

Spin: There are many diferent types of spin. The "back spin" is when the breakdancer turns very fast on his back.

You need to be strong to do this move! THe breakdancer "freazees" while balancing in difficult positions, like on one hand!


Solà: Albert....Albert!

Albert: Yes? Oh hi, Solà

Solà:Are you doing anything tomorrow?

Albert: NO, nothing special. Why?

Solà:I'm going to the cinema if you're interested.

Albert:Yes, fantastic
Albert: What time does it start the film?

Solà: It's on at seven o'clock at the OSCARS.

Albert: OK,shall I meet you outside at about six thirty?

Solà: Yeah,OK.
I'll see you there.

Albert: See you later, Solà.

Solà: Bye Bye

dimecres, 23 de març de 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER

In the third Narnia episode, Lucy, Edmund and their cousin, Eustance, return to Narnia. There they meet King Caspian and go on a long voyage on his ship, the "Dawn Treader". Their mission is to find the seven good lords who have been banished by Caspian's evil uncle. You can traven with them in 3-D ti mysterious islands and to a river made of gold. You'll also meet magical creatures like the great lion, Aslan. What an adventure!


For years, Megamind the villain has tired to conquer Metro City. But the sperhero Metro man always desfeats him. Megamind tried to kill Metro Man. But without an enemy, life for Megamind is not fun. That's until a new villain arrives in Metro City...


Cristina Comalat: Justin Bieber. Cristina love Justin and the presentation was very good.
Arnau Illa: Neil Armstrong. Niel was the first person to went to the moon.
Clàudia : Katty Perry. She's a singer.
Ferran Illa: Roger Federer. He won 5 open Australia and he was the best tennis player some years ago. Ferran was nervious.
Clara: Michel Jackson. He started to sing with his brothers.
Jordi: Julian Assange. He made a wikilikes
Júlia Masó: Xavi Hernàndez.He play with FCB
Andreu Mayolas: Diego de Velàzques. Velàzques was the best painter.
Adam: Andrés Iniesta. He play with Barça.
Gemma:Bojan. He play with the FCB.
Albert Q: Kobe Brayan. He play with Los Angeles Lakers
Francesc: Alexander the Great.
Albert Roca: Emmanuel Adebayon. He played with Arsenal. Now he play with Madrid.
Cristina Ros: David Guetta. His famous DJ
Pau Solà: John Terry. He play with Chelsea.
Ferran Veciana: Jorge Washington.