dimecres, 23 de març de 2011


Cristina Comalat: Justin Bieber. Cristina love Justin and the presentation was very good.
Arnau Illa: Neil Armstrong. Niel was the first person to went to the moon.
Clàudia : Katty Perry. She's a singer.
Ferran Illa: Roger Federer. He won 5 open Australia and he was the best tennis player some years ago. Ferran was nervious.
Clara: Michel Jackson. He started to sing with his brothers.
Jordi: Julian Assange. He made a wikilikes
Júlia Masó: Xavi Hernàndez.He play with FCB
Andreu Mayolas: Diego de Velàzques. Velàzques was the best painter.
Adam: Andrés Iniesta. He play with Barça.
Gemma:Bojan. He play with the FCB.
Albert Q: Kobe Brayan. He play with Los Angeles Lakers
Francesc: Alexander the Great.
Albert Roca: Emmanuel Adebayon. He played with Arsenal. Now he play with Madrid.
Cristina Ros: David Guetta. His famous DJ
Pau Solà: John Terry. He play with Chelsea.
Ferran Veciana: Jorge Washington.

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