dilluns, 28 de gener de 2013

Ask for and give information

Arnau: Hello!
Francesc: Hi there. Can I help you?
Pau: Yes... I'm staying in Serinyà with a firend next week and we were wondering if there's anything to see around there. Have you got any information?
Albert: Yes, there are day trips for the Caves of Serinyà. I'll get you a leaflet.
Arnau: Thank you.
Francesc: That sounds good. What time do the trips leave?
Albert: They're fairly regular - they go every day except Sunday at ten to twelve.
Francesc: OK: And how much is te trip? We've got student cards.
Albert: Let's see. Well, in that case it's $10 per person. The full price is $20.
Arnau: Aha...
Pau: That's fine.
Francesc: We'll go on Monday, then. Do we need to book it?
Albert: I'll book it for you if you like. Can I take your names?

Change something in a shop

Francesc: Hello, are you Ok there?
Albert: Yes, we are watching the new clothes. 
Pau: I was given these shirt as a present but they're too small. Is it Ok if I change them?
Francesc: That should be OK. Have you got the receipt?
Arnau: Yes, here you are.
Francesc: Ok. Well actually, we've sold out of those jeans, I'm afraid. You can choose something else if you like. 
Albert: Oh,right. Can I try these things on?
Francesc: Yes, sure. The changing rooms are over there...
Pau: What do you think of this jeans? It isn't too long, is it?
Francesc: No, I don't think so. It's really funky.
Albert: OK. I 'll take it then. Thanks.
Pau: Bye, trankyou.
Arnau: Bye!

How to: invite someone out

AlbertQ: Hi, Francesc. I haven't seen you for a month. How are things?
Francesc: Well, How are you?
AlbertQ: I'm fine. Hey, have you seen that new comedy film yet? It's on at the cinema in town this week.
Francesc: No, I haven't, but I've heard it's funny.
AlbertQ: I'm going to see it with some friends tomorrow. Do you fancy coming?
Francesc: Yeah, OK. That would be great. What time?
AlbertQ: I'm not sure. I'll text you, OK?
Francesc: All right. See you later then, Dean.
AlbertQ: OK, Bye, Francesc 

divendres, 25 de gener de 2013

Speaking:exchange opinions

Solà:Hi every body
Albert: Hi
Francesc: Hello
Arnau: Iep
Solà: Have you seen these?
Albert: No, what are they?
Francesc: Yes, they're posters for an anti-drugs campaign. All the students in the school have to say which one's best,and why.
Arnau: Let's see. Mmm....What do you think?
Albert: It's a great poster anti-drugs.
Solà:I can't really decide, but I suppose the one on the right has got a clearer message. Do you agree?
Arnau: Well, yes and no. It's clearer, but isn't very effective.
Albert: Why that?
Francesc: Well, I reckon you should be positive. For me, the one on the right is trying to be scary.
Solà: Mmmm....You might be right there.
Albert:  I must go now.
Francesc: OOOh, Bye Albert.
SOlà: Bye!!! 
Arnau: See you later!

Talk about events in the past

Francesc: Did I ever tell you about my last birthday
AlbertQ: No, when was that?
Francesc: Oh, it was one month ago. I've got some photos
AlbertQ: Oh, can I see? Were there many people there?
Francesc: Oh, yes there were about a hundred of us.
AlbertQ: Did you have a good time?
Francesc: Yes, we did. We all had a great time. The best bit was at the end of the day.
AlbertQ: What happened then?
Francesc: They gave me all the presents and my grandfather gift me a motorbike
AlbertQ: That sounds great!

(I did this dialogue with Pau and Francesc)
This is the podcast (Pau Francesc)