dilluns, 28 de gener de 2013

Change something in a shop

Francesc: Hello, are you Ok there?
Albert: Yes, we are watching the new clothes. 
Pau: I was given these shirt as a present but they're too small. Is it Ok if I change them?
Francesc: That should be OK. Have you got the receipt?
Arnau: Yes, here you are.
Francesc: Ok. Well actually, we've sold out of those jeans, I'm afraid. You can choose something else if you like. 
Albert: Oh,right. Can I try these things on?
Francesc: Yes, sure. The changing rooms are over there...
Pau: What do you think of this jeans? It isn't too long, is it?
Francesc: No, I don't think so. It's really funky.
Albert: OK. I 'll take it then. Thanks.
Pau: Bye, trankyou.
Arnau: Bye!

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