divendres, 25 de gener de 2013

Speaking:exchange opinions

Solà:Hi every body
Albert: Hi
Francesc: Hello
Arnau: Iep
Solà: Have you seen these?
Albert: No, what are they?
Francesc: Yes, they're posters for an anti-drugs campaign. All the students in the school have to say which one's best,and why.
Arnau: Let's see. Mmm....What do you think?
Albert: It's a great poster anti-drugs.
Solà:I can't really decide, but I suppose the one on the right has got a clearer message. Do you agree?
Arnau: Well, yes and no. It's clearer, but isn't very effective.
Albert: Why that?
Francesc: Well, I reckon you should be positive. For me, the one on the right is trying to be scary.
Solà: Mmmm....You might be right there.
Albert:  I must go now.
Francesc: OOOh, Bye Albert.
SOlà: Bye!!! 
Arnau: See you later!

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