divendres, 25 de gener de 2013

Talk about events in the past

Francesc: Did I ever tell you about my last birthday
AlbertQ: No, when was that?
Francesc: Oh, it was one month ago. I've got some photos
AlbertQ: Oh, can I see? Were there many people there?
Francesc: Oh, yes there were about a hundred of us.
AlbertQ: Did you have a good time?
Francesc: Yes, we did. We all had a great time. The best bit was at the end of the day.
AlbertQ: What happened then?
Francesc: They gave me all the presents and my grandfather gift me a motorbike
AlbertQ: That sounds great!

(I did this dialogue with Pau and Francesc)
This is the podcast (Pau Francesc)


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