dimarts, 31 de gener de 2012

The Holidays: Iris

Hello, my name is Iris and I am an English woman from Surrey, England. I live in a quite lovely house and I working in a London newspaper. I was in love with Jasper Bloom for over three years, even though she broke up with him after he cheated on her with another girl in the office. At the office Christmas party,my boss announces the engagement of Jasper Bloom to the other girl, and I deeply hurt. I decide I wanted to get away for the holidays. I put one advertisement on a home swap website of my house in Surrey. One day Amanda contacted with me and we changed the houses. Her house was a modern mansion in Los Angeles. Amanda was working in the world of cinema doing movie trailers and Miles made the soundtracks of the films and movie trailers. I put the clothes into the bags and I went to the airport. I get on the plane and I went to L.A. I took a taxi and I went to Amanda's house. She was a modern big house with a lot of technology. One day I met a fantastic person in L.A, his name was Miles. I talked every day with him and we fall in love. When I I fall in love with Miles my brother, Graham met Amanda in my house and they fall in love too. The Christmas Day Amanda , Graham and his daughters went to L.A with Miles and me and we celebrated.

Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows

The world's most famous detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) is back in a new adventure. Holmes is famous for being clever. But now he has a rival: the evil, intelligent Professor Moriarthy. When a prince is found dead, Holmes and Dr. Watson (played by Jude Law) must discover the truth. Will the be able to defeat Professor Moriarthy?

A sequel to 2009’s surprisingly successful (and enjoyable) movie, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows picks up from the events of the original, where Holmes having parted ways with Watson is trying to track down “theNapoleon of crime” Moriarty and scuttle whatever nefarious plan he has. This, of course, leads to a reteam with Watson and an intercontinental chase is afoot.

After a very impressive opening scene that serves as both a refresher to the previous movie and a set-up for this one. Guy Ritchie keeps the pace rattling along and yet still lets Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law riff off each other and have fun. In a genius piece of casting, Stephen Fry plays Mycroft Holmes; who is Sherlock’s older and more intelligent and influential brother. Jared Harris clearly relishes playing the villain here and does so quite well, playing Moriarty as a ruthless yet sophisticated man. Imagine one of the Kray twins but with a genius-level intellect.

Robert Downey Jnr’s take on Holmes is that of a scatter-shot genius who cares about his friends but isn’t equipped with the tools to express that in a normal way. Played to his strengths he makes Sherlock his own and it holds up well against some of the benchmark portrayals like Jeremy Brett’s and the more recent Benedict Cumberbatch’s.

The plot is clever but not to the point of being confusing and the directors penchant for using slow motion and cranking the camera speeds always keeps us in the know. Some of the slow motion can be a bit overdone but in certain action scenes can give the viewer some startling images. The merging of the story with the prelude to the First World War was cleverly interwoven and felt organic. I also really appreciated just how grimy and lived-in the world of Sherlock Holmes is and you really feel like it’s a living, breathing world you’re looking at.

The first film was smaller in scale, in that you only really saw London and like most sequels things get bigger. Thankfully only the canvas is larger here and the characters are well rounded and are just given more to play with. One of the clever wrinkles of this particular version of Sherlock (and there are many good ones) is the steampunk technology that exists. Never outlandish enough to be anachronistic, it keeps things fresh while letting the world feel plausible.

A Game of Shadows is a sequel that manages to improve on the original and defy the bloat that can plague them. Big explosions that don’t come at the expense of story and character. For those that know the outcome of the confrontation of Holmes and Moriarty the filmmakers manage to mostly keep to the source material but tweak it just enough that you are still engaged. In fact there was a visual gag at the start that has such a good payoff at the end that you’ll be hard pressed to not leave the cinema looking forward to another adventurous romp with Holmes and Watson.

dimecres, 25 de gener de 2012

New song 2011

This is the new song of 2011 .
Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars - Mirror [ Lyrics ]

here you have the lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
With everything happening today
You don't know whether you’re coming or going
But you think that you’re on your way
Life lined up on the mirror don't blow it
Look at me when I'm talking to you
You looking at me but I’m looking through you
I see the blood in your eyes
I see the love in disguise
I see the pain here in your pride
I see you’re not satisfied
And I don't see nobody else
I see myself I’m looking at the

[Bruno Mars]
Mirror on the wall, here we are again
Through my rise and fall
You’ve been my only fan
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here talking’ to each other again

[Lil Wayne]
Oh, I see the truth in your lies
I see nobody by your side
but I’m with you when you re all alone
And you correct me when I'm looking wrong
I see that guilt beneath the shame
I see your soul through your window pain
I see the scars that remain
I see you Wayne, I'm looking at the..

[Bruno Mars]
Mirror on the wall, here we are again
Through my rise and fall
You’ve been my only fan
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here talking’ to each other again

[Lil Wayne]
Looking at me now I can see my past
Damn I look just like my f-ckin dad
Light it up, thats smoke at mirrors
I even look good in the broken mirror
I see my momma smile thats a blessing
I see the change, I see the message
and no message could been any clearer
So I’m stared with the man in the…

[Bruno Mars]
Mirror on the wall, here we are again
Through my rise and fall
You’ve been my only fan
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here talking’ to each other again
Mirror on the wall, here we are again
Through my rise and fall
You’ve been my only fan
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here talking to each other again
(so why are we talking to each other again)
Mirror on the wall.

dimecres, 18 de gener de 2012

SPEAKING: Apologize and explain

Albert:Arnau! What's going on?

Arnau:What's the matter? What have I done.

Albert:Look at the time. Have you been up all night?
Arnau:Sorry, Albert. I didn't mean to. I didn't realize that it was morning.
Albert:Arnau, you know i don't like it when you spend so much time on the internet.

Arnau:Well, it hasn't happened before.

Albert:Arnau! Ith's the third time that you've spent all the night online!

Arnau:Ok. Listen, I'm really sorry. Don't w
orry. be happy. It won't happen again, I promise.
Albert:I hope you're right. We'll see.

dimecres, 11 de gener de 2012


Today I passed the written of Amanda and I made the Iris of the film :The Holidays. I did Amanda's potcast. I have no time to hang it, tonight I put it.