dimarts, 31 de gener de 2012

The Holidays: Iris

Hello, my name is Iris and I am an English woman from Surrey, England. I live in a quite lovely house and I working in a London newspaper. I was in love with Jasper Bloom for over three years, even though she broke up with him after he cheated on her with another girl in the office. At the office Christmas party,my boss announces the engagement of Jasper Bloom to the other girl, and I deeply hurt. I decide I wanted to get away for the holidays. I put one advertisement on a home swap website of my house in Surrey. One day Amanda contacted with me and we changed the houses. Her house was a modern mansion in Los Angeles. Amanda was working in the world of cinema doing movie trailers and Miles made the soundtracks of the films and movie trailers. I put the clothes into the bags and I went to the airport. I get on the plane and I went to L.A. I took a taxi and I went to Amanda's house. She was a modern big house with a lot of technology. One day I met a fantastic person in L.A, his name was Miles. I talked every day with him and we fall in love. When I I fall in love with Miles my brother, Graham met Amanda in my house and they fall in love too. The Christmas Day Amanda , Graham and his daughters went to L.A with Miles and me and we celebrated.

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