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Tom swayer

1. What do you know about
Mark Twain?

He was born in Florida, Missouri.
Twain was the sixth of seven children.
He was humorist and writer.
Twain died on 22 April in 1910.
The principals works are Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Swayer.
He married Olivia, in 1870 on New York.
He's first son died
of diphtheria at 19 months.
Then he was three children, Susy,Clara and Jean.

2. Write a summary of each chapter. Add images/videos...

The sheriff found Muff Potter's knife near the body of the doctor. He put Muff in St. Perersburg small jail. Tom and Huck saw Injun Joe kill the doctor, Muff didn't kill him. One day on the summer Tom, Joe and Huck went to sit by the mississippi River. They fished, talked and looked at the boats. Then, they wanted to go to Jackson's Island. At midnight the three boys met on the river. When they arrived on the island they made a fire and cooked some meat.

The next morning they went swimming in the river. Then they went fishing and cooked the fish on the fire and ate it. the people of St. Petersburg went to church because they thought they had killed the children. When they were do in the mass the boys appeared and everyone was happy.

3. Write a description of the main characters.

4. SPEAKING:Podcasting
Option A : Reading the summaries.

Option B: Find your favourite scene and podcast it in pairs.
5. Write your group summary in Tom Sawyer's wiki. Yes.

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