dilluns, 14 de desembre de 2009

Oral presentation.

Hi my name is Albert Quintanas and this is my oral presenrarion.
I live in Banyoles in Catalonia.
My hobbies are: playing basketball, playing computer games.I love it!
I have one brother but I haven't sisters.
Banyoles is my town. Banyoles is very beautiful.There is the lake,museums,square,shops...
The lake is beautiful and the museum is interesting.Also there's a Club Natació Banyoles.

Day in my life

I get up at 8 o'clock then I dress and I fast breakfats.I go to school by bike at quarter to nine. On Monday,Wednesday,Thursday at finish school at 5 o'clock ,Tuesday finish school at 6 o'clock and Friday at finish school at 2 o'clock.
After school on monday,wednesday,friday go to CBB and play basketball.Also on friday go to English.

At the weekend

On Saturday morning I usually play basketball.After eat on 2 o'clock. After i go to best friend and play a computer game,play basketball, fotball, Wii,Play Station3 ...
At 7 o'clock i go to my home and play computer game.After, at 9 o'clock I watch TV (Los Simpsons)

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