dimecres, 25 de maig de 2011

Oral Presentation: The Royal Wedding.

We made a powerpoint with photos of the Royal Family, for got more attention of the audience and did a funny the presentation.
We spent around 4,5 minutes.

I was nervous and I looked to the public but I read a little bit.


We organist the structure chronologically.

The information was correct,we show photos of the people we were talking and we used exempels .

We spent a lot of time making the content and revising the grammar. I think it was correct, and the vocabulary was rich too.
In a few moments we repeated some words and I pronoune bad because I was nervous.

I pronounce all the words properly, but I was very nervous and some words maybe I didn't pronounce very well.

I made ​​a power point but the page is uploaded wrong. Later I'll try to hang on another page.

Anglès kate and william

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