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1. Who were the Shakespeares and the Ardens, and what was each family's place in local society?The Shakespeares were the family from William Shakespeare’s father called John Shakespeare. Hi was a prominent and prosperous alderman in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, and was later granted a coat of arms by the College of Heralds.
The Ardens were the family from William Shakespeare’s mother called Mary Arden.
She inherited her father's farm and land when he died. The Ardens were a prominent Warwickshire family.
The two families have a good place in local society.

2. When do historians think that Shakespeare arrived in London? What is the reason he may have had to leave Stratford? We are not sura what Sheakespeare did between 1585 and 1592, but we know that he was already working in London as an actor and playwright in 1592.
Looking for work.

3. What was the population of London during Shakespeare's time? Can you briefly describe what the city was like at the time? How did it smell like?The population of London liked going to the theater and see works of drama and romantic comedies. The theaters in London had to close because of the plague: it was dangerous for many people to be together in a small place. In these years Shakespeare wrote poetry , and began his sonnets,

4. Who was the ruler when Shakespeare first came to London? Who were her parents? Was she a good queen? Why?Their patron was the Lord Chamberlian, an important person at Queen Elizabeth's court.
The Family of Queen Elizabeth I  Queen Elizabeth I was a member of the illustrious Tudor Dynasty. Facts, key dates and timelines about her ancestry and her immediate family are as follows:
  • Aug. 22, 1485 - Henry Tudor, grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I, wins battle of Bosworth becoming Henry VII
  • Henry VII cemented his succession and settled the friction between the Yorkists and Lancastrians by marrying the Yorkist heir, Elizabeth of York
  • Jan 16, 1486 - Marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV
  • Jun 28, 1491 - Birth of Prince Henry, future Henry VIII
  • 1509 - Accession of King Henry VIII - father of Queen Elizabeth I,
  • 18 February, 1516 - Mary, daughter of Henry and Katharine of Aragon is born
  • January 25th 1533 Henry marries Anne Boleyn - mother of Queen Elizabeth I,
  • 7 September 1533 Queen Elizabeth I the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, is born
  • May 15th 1536 Anne Boleyn tried for treason, adultery and incest in the Great Hall of the Tower of London
  • May 19th 1536 Anne Boleyn executed on Tower Hill. Anne's body and head were buried in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula
  • Within 24 hours of Anne Boleyn's execution, Jane Seymour and Henry VIII were formally betrothed
  • Edward VI born 12 October, 1537
  • July 28th 1540 - 49 year old Henry married 19 year old Catherine Howard
  • 13th February 1542 - Catherine Howard is executed for adultery
  • King Henry VIII dies 28 January, 1547
  • Edward VI (Henry's son by Jane Seymour) becomes King of England
  • 6 July, 1553 King Edward VI dies of tuberculosis
  • 6 July 1553 - Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, is proclaimed Queen of England
  • Queen Mary I dies on November 17, 1558
  • November 17, 1558 - Accession of Queen Elizabeth

5. What was the established religion in England during Shakespeare times? Who was Henry VIII? How did he and his daughter influence religion in England?Catholic and protestant.
Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) was King of England from 21 April 1509 until his death. He was Lord, and later King, of Ireland, as well as continuing the nominal claim by the English monarchs to the Kingdom of France. Henry was the second monarch of the House of Tudor, succeeding his father, Henry VII.

When they were kings they influenced on the religion.
6. Who was Cristopher Marlowe? Which kind of relationship did he have with Shakespeare? How did he die? What might have been suspicious circumstances surrounding his death? Cristopher was an English dramatist, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era. Marlowe was the foremost Elizabethan tragedian until his mysterious early death.

7. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write? Who is believed to be the "Dark Lady" of the sonnets? Who else, other than Shakespeare, is believed to have written his plays?

8. Who were the Puritans? What were some of their beliefs? What did they think of the theatre and the actors in Shakespeare's time?

9. What were the main theatres in Shakespeare's times? Where did Shakespeare use to act? What are the names of the acting companies with which Shakespeare was associated?

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