dimarts, 18 d’octubre de 2011

My Summer Holidays


The first days of my summer holiday I went to Campus Berni Alvarez in Camprodon. I stayed seven days and every day I played basketball. I got up at seven o’clock and at eight o'clock I went to run into the forest. Then I had breakfast and after that I went for training. At one o'clock the train finished and I went for lunch and then I went for training again. At nine o'clock I went for dinner and at ten o'clock I went to a pavilion to do competitions of three vs three .

A week later I went to Campus Jordi Trias in Banyoles which lasted seven days. The campus started at nine o'clock and finished at five o'clock. At half past nine the train started and finished at eleven o'clock. Then I went to swim on lake. At half past one I went to lunch and then I went for training again.

In late summer I went to snt. Antoni de Calonge with my family. I swam on the sea and I sunbathed. I don't like the sea very much... I PREFER THE SWIMMING POOL!

What I like most of the summer is spend every evening with my friends and play football , or swim in the lake, go to the cinema, go to the Parc de la Draga etc..

What I liked the least was to do my summer homework.. BUT I LOVE MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!...

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