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NOVEL: Romeo and Juliet


CHAPTER : The Montagues and the Capulets
There were two families in the city of Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets. They had hated each other for a lot of years.
The servants, one day, met in the street and they start a fight. Then Lord and Lady Capulet arrived. And Lord and Lady Montague arrived too. Everyone was fighting.
At last the Prince of Verona arrived. He was very angry and he said that if they fight again, they will both die. The fight was over.
Romeo was in love of Rosaline. But Rosaline wasn't love Romeo.
Lord Capulet decided to have a party, because he wonted his daughter, Juliet, to meet Paris. The rich Lord. He hoped he would marry Juliet in the future.
The servant went to invite the guests. Then met Romeo and Benvolio in the street and ask for help to read the names of the list.
Romeo saw that Rosaline were invited in the party.
While Lady Capulet was talking to Juliet to say she would marry Paris.

CHAPTER TWO: The garden of the Capulets

Romeo and Benvolio went to the party with a mask because the people weren't recognise that they were Montague.
He forgot Rosaline when he saw Juliet.
The people dance to the music, and Tybalt recognised Romeo's voice.
Tybalt called his uncle, but Lord Capulet said they can stay in the party.
Romeo went to talk with Juliet and he kiss her lips. Juliet went with the Nurse. Juliet asked who was that young man and Romeo asked the same. They knew who were them.
In the night, Romeo jumped the wall to go in Juliet's garden.
And they were talking, and decided to get married secretly.

CHAPTER THREE: The Prince of Cats

Romeo went to see Friar Laurence because he wanted to marry with Juliet secretly.
Tybalt wanted to fight with him.
The Nurse went to visit Romeo and he gave a message for Juliet “They will meet to Friar Laurence's cell to get married secretly”.
The two lovers got married.
Finally there was a fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Romeo didn't want to fight to Juliet's cousin. Romeo want to stop the fight and Tybalt killed Mercutio and he run away.
CHAPTER FOUR: Fortune's Fool
Tybalt returned to the fight and Romeo killed him because he was very angry.
Romeo run away because the Prince was coming. Benvolio explained the fight to the Prince.
The Prince say they banish Romeo from Verona.
Romeo went to see for the last time Juliet and they spent the night together.
Paris was very happy because he will married Juliet. But nobody knew that Juliet was married with Romeo secretly.

CHAPTER FIVE: My Lady's Dead!

Lady Capulet explained to Juliet that she had to get married with Paris next Thursday morning. Juliet tried to explain that she didn't want.
Then her father force her to marry him.
Juliet visited Friar Laurence and he gave a special potion for to sleep for forty-two hours and her family think she's death and carry her to the tomb. And there she wakes up and meet Rome for to escape together.
The day of the wedding, the Nurse found Juliet died in the bed and the wedding became a funeral.
And Friar John went to Mantua to tell Romeo to come back to Verona.

CHAPTER SIX: With a Kiss, I Die

Romeo knew that Juliet was dead. Rome went to the tomb of Capulets. In the tomb, Paris tried to arrest Romeo, they fight and Romeo kill Paris.
Rome went inside the tomb, kiss Juliet and drank the poison.
Friar Laurence went to the tomb because he want to help them. He found Romeo dead and Juliet wake up. When Juliet saw Romeo dead, she want to dead too and stabbed herself and fell.
Finally Friar Laurence told the truth to the Montagues and Capulets and families became friends.

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