dimarts, 15 de maig de 2012

Talk about plans and arrangaments

Arnau: Hi, Mr Albert. Have you got a minute?
Albert: Hello Arnau. What can I do for you?
Arnau: I'm doing a twenty-kilometre run for charity next week, and I'm looking for sponsors.
Albert: That's very good Arnau. What's it for?
Arnau: It's for a children's charity.
Albert: And when are you running? 
Arnau: I'm running next Sunday. I'm hoping to raise about 150 $. Will you sponsor me?
Albert: Yes,OK. It sounds like a good cause. I hope you finish it!
Arnau: I'm going to try! Some friends are going to do it too.
Albert: Good luck Arnau.
Arnau: Thanks.

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