dijous, 2 de juny de 2011

Robin Hood

1. What were the crusades about?
They were Christian's expeditions into Muslim territory.

2. How about the same period in Spain and Catalonia?

Yes,Catalans went to the crusaders.

3. Where's Robin Hood at the beginning of the film?

In England.

4. Why is Azeem with Robin?

Because is his friend, and want to help him, and to get the freedom.

5. Where do Robin and Azeem go?
They went to Sherwood forest.

6. Who are the outlaws? Where do they live?
Persons who are out of the law because they want to be free.

7. What happened to Robin's father?
The sheriff of Nottingham killed him

8. Who's Lady Marian?
The cousin of King Richard.

9. Why do Robin and Azeem join the outlaws?

They aren't agree with the king and the laws.

10. Why do they fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham?

Because Sheriff was a bad and greedy person and he want to got married with Lady Marian.

Can you explain how the film ends?
Yes, Robin and Marian married and appeared King Richard

by: kinti and Pau

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