dimecres, 1 de juny de 2011

Write a dialogue for a story

Albert: Pau,Pau! Can you hear me? I need some help!

Pau: ALbert? Where are you? What's happened?

Albert:I'm down here. I was walking near the edge and I fell. I fell about nineteen metres.

Pau: Are you OK? Can you climb up here?

Albert: NoNo..I think I've broken my leg. I can't move it and it really hurts. What am I going to do?

Pau: Don't panic Albert! Let's phone the police.

Albert: Ok, but hurry up! I don't know how long I can s
tand here.

Pau:OK,OK,OK... Hang on! I'm sure that someone will come soon.

Albert: Pau!

Pau: Now what's happening?

Albert: Some of the rocks are falling. HEEEELP..........!

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